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We develop and manage solutions for organizations and networks to advance credible actions and transformative change for climate change, cleantech and sustainability. 



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We developed ScribeHub as an online platform that goes beyond online discussion groups or online office tools by supporting structured and consensus-based mass collaboration for developing nextgen standards and governance, such as the Capitals Coalition and the ACT Initiative. ScribeHub saves time and money, while also increasing participation and transparency to enhance the credibility of standards. These nextgen smart standards can be implemented with digital solutions (see DigitalMRV below) to enable unparalleled assurance, as well as help achieve higher quality results and more value generated by using smart standards. 



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We partnered with IOTA to build the DigitalMRV solution on IOTA’s advanced technology ecosystem: the first distributed ledger built for the “Internet of Everything" – a network for exchanging value and data between humans and machines. IOTA has a number of unique capabilities – tamper proof data, lightweight scalable infrastructure, removal of risk of vendor lock-in, a high level of transparency, and no built-in fees to use the network which could cause future bottlenecks for growth". Our DigitalMRV solution incorporates the specifications from a digitized MRV methodology, and links together the onsite IoT devices and data flows with the DLT-enabled platform using the IOTA Tangle and ScribeHub to enable cost effective, high quality online GHG reporting and verification. Whereas most blockchain solutions that consume huge amounts of energy with corresponding GHG emissions, IOTA is a sustainable energy efficient design with energy consumption for an IOTA transaction less than 10% of the energy used for a credit card transaction.

Smart Standards     


Based on our world class experience developing and implementing best practice standards, and for over 10 years creating digital solutions and communities to advance “Standards 2.0”, we continue to innovate and advance a Smart Standards System. We first presented the concept during December 2015 at the UNFCCC COP21 in Paris, France, when we co-hosted the first official event focused on integrating digital innovations, collaborative nextgen governance and smart standards to help scale of climate actions. Soon after COP21, World Bank commissioned us to co-author the seminal report - Blockchain and emerging digital solutions for post-2020 climate markets. The Blockchain Research Institute also commissioned us to author a research report on blockchain and collaborative Global Solution Networks for climate – those two reports helped advance the case for a Smart Standards System to support the deployment of digital solutions to scale climate actions. In collaboration with Canada’s National Research Council and York University’s Blockchain Lab, we continue to evolve and refine the design concept for, and we are preparing to develop, a prototype of the Smart Standard System during 2021 that will leverage ScribeHub and DigitalMRV solutions for a comprehensive toolkit and platform.

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