What is Collaborase?

Collaborase is an online platform to support democratized structured mass collaboration, while reducing costs, saving time, increasing participation and achieving higher quality results. 

Collaborase offers a simple to use and cost-effective tool to improve the level of participation and credibility of stakeholder engagement to create Nextgen governance systems to support their Nextgen solutions.




Collaborase can be used to develop and manage the next generation of consensus-based systems and tools like Smart Standards and other types of rules used by innovative governance programs and technologies like blockchain.

Collaborase goes beyond online discussion groups or online office tools by supporting a transparent structured consensus-based system for developing Nextgen standards and rules that can be linked with a knowledge management system for efficient evolution and automated implementation.


ClimateCHECK has used Collaborase in a variety of ways including to develop standards and guides supported by a curated knowledge hub, to facilitate policy development by government committees and to aid in development of scientific roadmaps and regulations.